N N-Diethylnicotinamide CAS 59-26-7
  • N N-Diethylnicotinamide CAS 59-26-7N N-Diethylnicotinamide CAS 59-26-7

N N-Diethylnicotinamide CAS 59-26-7

Zhejiang Kinso Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of N N-Diethylnicotinamide CAS 59-26-7 in China. We have been specialized in pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs for lots of years. OOur products have price advantage and good after-sales service, it cover most of the Indian and Russia markets.

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Product Description

N N-Diethylnicotinamide CAS 59-26-7

The Kinsotech N N-Diethylnicotinamide also known as Nikethamide or Corvotone. It is an organic compound. The CAS number is 59-26-7. This product produced on the market tend to be yellow, and ours are nearly colorless and transparent. And our N,N-Diethylnicotinamide purity is high, CP standard 98.5%, the actual content of our production is more than 99.5%. We guarantee you the lowest price and we also have ISO9001 certification.

Product Parameter of the N N-Diethylnicotinamide CAS 59-26-7

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CAS number




Molecular formula


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For pharmaceutical and material intermediates

Structural formula

Product Appearance and Feature of the N N-Diethylnicotinamide CAS 59-26-7

TheKinsotech N,N-Diethylnicotinamide is Colourless or slightly yellowish oil liquid or crystal, placed in a low temperature place, it will become crystalline, with a slight odor and humidity. The melting point (freezing point) is 22-24℃, the boiling point is 296-300℃, and the density is 1.06g/ml at 25℃. It could be miscible with water, soluble in Ethanol, Diethyl ether, Acetone or Chloroform.

Product Application and Details of the N N-Diethylnicotinamide CAS 59-26-7

TheKinsotech Nikethamideisan important API in the field of medicine, commonly used as a clinical respiratory stimulant. It is more effective in treating respiratory depression caused by morphine than that caused by respiratory muscle paralysis. Additionally, it is utilized in the treatment of poisoning from narcotic drugs and other central inhibitors.Nikethamide could also serve as an additive in veterinary medications and is popular in electronic materials. The packing is25KG/Drum, its storage method: Preserve in the dark place at a temperature not higher than 30℃. Please consume the product within a short period once opened. However, there are potential side effects associated with its use. If convulsive symptoms such as facial muscle spasms or limb twitching occur, the drug should be immediately discontinued or reduced, while actively treating the underlying disease, ensuring oxygen delivery, providing airway support, controlling infection and taking other necessary measures are fundamental to successful rescue efforts. Therefore, strict adherence to medical instructions and guidance from healthcare professionals is essential when using this medication.

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