Methyl oxalyl chloride CAS 5781-53-3
  • Methyl oxalyl chloride CAS 5781-53-3Methyl oxalyl chloride CAS 5781-53-3
  • Methyl oxalyl chloride CAS 5781-53-3Methyl oxalyl chloride CAS 5781-53-3

Methyl oxalyl chloride CAS 5781-53-3

Zhejiang Kinso Technology Co., Ltd. produce Methyl Oxalyl Chloride Cas 5781-53-3 in China. We are manufacturer who are specializing in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs. Our core R&D team possesses over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical intermediates research and development. The pricing of our product is favorable. I sincerely hope we can cooperate smoothly and happily.

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Product Description

Methyl oxalyl chloride CAS 5781-53-3

The Kinsotech Methyl Oxalyl Chloride also known as Methyl Chloroglyoxylate. The CAS number is 5781-53-3. The purity is 98%.Some products on the market is yellow, ours are colorless and transparent, and the Oxaloyl Chloride impurities are very low, the content is less than 0.1%, controlled very well. Please be assured that we could offer you the lowest price in China. We got the certifications of ISO9001.

Product Parameter of the Methyl Oxalyl Chloride Cas 5781-53-3 

Product name

Methyl Oxalyl Chloride

CAS number




Molecular formula


Molecular weight



For material intermediates

Structural formula

Product Appearance and Feature of the Methyl Oxalyl Chloride Cas 5781-53-3 


The Kinsotech Methyl Oxalyl Chloride is colorless to Light yellow liquid, strong corrosive, with pungent smell, it is easy to decompose in water, producing dimethyl oxalate and hydrogen chloride gas, so we use baking paint steel composite drum packaging, 200KG/Drum. Its storage method: Preserve in a tight non-metallic container, protected from light.Please consume the product within a short period once opened. The melting point is 118-120℃, the density is 1.332g/ml at 25℃.

Product Application and Precautions of the 1 3 5-Tribromobenzene CAS 626-39-1


The Kinsotech Methyl Oxalyl Chloride serves as a synthetic intermediate for pharmaceuticals, coatings, pesticides, and materials. It is utilized as a precursor for synthetic antibiotics in the pharmaceutical industry, a raw material for methyl propylene phthalein isocyanate vinegar in coatings, and in the pesticide sector for the synthesis of highly efficient sulfonphthalein weedkiller, plant growth regulator, ultraviolet absorbent UV-312, and TPU additives. It is highly versatile. Please be aware that Methyl Oxalyl Chloride has a strong odor and appropriate protective measures should be taken when handling it. Additionally, its flammable and explosive nature requires special attention to safety during storage and transportation.

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