4-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline CAS 367-24-8
  • 4-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline CAS 367-24-84-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline CAS 367-24-8

4-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline CAS 367-24-8

Kinsotech is a manufacturer of 4-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline Cas 367-24-8 in China. We have been specialized in intermediates and API for many years. Our core R&D team has more than 20 years of intermediates R&D experience. We are eager to begin our collaborative efforts.

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Product Description

4-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline Cas 367-24-8


The Kinsotech 4-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline also known as 2-Fluoro-4-Bromoaniline. It is an organic chemical substance. The CAS number is 367-24-8. The products available in the market are yellow and purple and will lose fluorine when heated, whereas our products are presented as white crystals and ours will not. Our price is the lowest in China market. The purity standard is 99%, the actual 99.5% or more. We have ISO9001.


Product Parameter of the 4-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline Cas 367-24-8


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Product Feature of the 4-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline Cas 367-24-8


The Kinsotech 4-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline is off white to brown liquid or solid crystals, but prolonged exposure to air will cause it to gradually turn yellow and eventually form purple crystals, with no discernible odor. The melting point is 39-42℃, the boiling point is 103-108℃, the density is about 1.62g/cm3 and the flash point is about 220 °F.


Product Application and Details of the 4-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline Cas 367-24-8


The Kinsotech 4-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline could be used as an important intermediate in pharmaceutical, material and dye intermediates, and it could also be used in organic synthesis reactions. For example, it is an important ingredient in the synthesis of the analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug Flurbiprofen (Cas No.: 5104-49-4) and the MEK1/2 inhibitor Binimetinib (Cas No.: 606143-89-9).  At the same time, it is also an intermediate of 4-Bromo-2-fluorobiphenyl (Cas No.: 41604-19-7) and liquid crystal material Fluorophenylboronic acid. The packing is 50KG/Drum. Although 4-Bromo-2-fluoroaniline is widely used in many fields, it needs care when handling and storage. Its storage method: Preserve in a tight non-metallic container, protected from light. Please consume the product within a short period once opened. The product has a low melting point, is easy to melt when heated, and has aniline properties, and long-term inhalation of product steam will appear cyanosis poisoning phenomenon. In case of leakage or contact, appropriate emergency treatment measures should be taken. 

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